This online store is only for the use of approved retailers of Hannah's Ideas in Wood.

If you are a personal shopper, please visit our retail website: www.hannahsideasinwood.com

General wholesale account information:

  • If you are interested in selling Hannah's Ideas in Wood in your store please email us at Hannah[at]woodspoon[dot]com!
  • Opening order minimum is $150
  • All first time orders must be paid before the order ships.
  • Ordering at least 4 of each item that you want to try in your store is recommended.
  • All wholesale orders over $100 receive free shipping. Orders less than $100 will be charged a flat rate of $14 for shipping.

How to start ordering online:


 1. Set up an account
2. Email me a bit of information about your store, and let me know you made an account.
3. Once I have tagged your account as a valid wholesale account, you will be able to order at will!
***When you click the "Shop Online" button (see step 3 above) and you see this page, it means your account has not been tagged as a wholesale account yet. Go back to step 2.